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Porosity is the ability of your hair to absorb and retain moisture. 


Low Porosity


  • Has a hard time absorbing  water

  • Takes a long time to dry 


  • The cuticle is closed making it difficult for moisture to penetrate the strand causing product buildup.


  • The use of indirect heat is NEEDED to lift cuticles.

  • The use of lightweight oils are recommended  (grapeseed, sweet almond, argan, etc).

  • Use liquid based products 

  • Humectants are your friend (aloe vera, honey, glycerin, flaxseed).

  • The ONLY proteins you should use are silk, hydrolyzed, and wheat as they are small enough to penetrate underneath the hair shaft.

  • Hair needs to be clarified for better moisture retention 

Medium Porosity


  • Water is easily absorbed in your hair 

  • Hair  usually  holds  up well when using  chemical  treatments   (easy to overuse )

  • The cuticle is slightly open which allows moisture to last longer.


  • Requires the least maintenance since it allows the right amount of moisture in & out. 

  • Use minimal heat & lightweight products

  • Continue regular deep conditioning treatments to maintain good product absorption.

  • Detangle your hair with your fingers as opposed to a wide-tooth comb. 


High Porosity


  • Prone to frizz & breakage 

  • Easily tangled & matted

  • Absorbs water quickly & dries quickly

  • The cuticle is open allowing the absorption of moisture BUT it evaporates quickly


  • Use minimal heat; best to air dry.

  • The use of heavier oils & butters are recommended to lock moisture in (coconut, castor, olive, etc).

  • Layer products to decrease the loss of moisture


  • Protein treatments are NEEDED regularly

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